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KATO 20-283 turntable set includes everything to get started 


  • Turntable
  • Control box
  • Control box AC Adapter
  • 35" Ribbon connector cable
  • 4 x Straight Extension Tracks
  • 6 x Bumper Track fittings

 N scale Kato Electric Indexing Turntable
The Central rotary bridge is 6.3″ (160mm) in length, able to support most standard length locomotives up to and including the N scale SD90/43MAC
A complete 360° rotation takes approximately 60 seconds.
The Turntable will index in 10° sections, smoothly and quickly aligning with connected tracks automatically.
The Turntable bridge itself acts as a rotating track feeder, allowing the turntable to operate simply as a power routing system without any complex wiring or insulating blocks.
The Turntable is fully compatible with DCC systems, routing power from either your analog or DCC power pack through the included Turntable Controller.
Part # KAT-20-283


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